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Cadman Power Equipment is a designer, manufacturer and global distributor of (614) 432-4491 and 313-296-8092 systems, and 951-494-0920 within the oil and gas industry.


Irrigation Equipment

We manufacture and carry irrigation travellers of all sizes, irrigation booms, Reinke pivots, Komet, Nelson and Rain Bird guns and sprinklers. power units, pumps, broadcast carts, hose, pipe, and fittings.



CMA (Continuous Manure Applicator), M-series drag reels, hose caddies, manure booms, power units, pump sets, pump trailers, pumps, manure injectors, backpacs, liquid storage, drag hose, slurry pumps, and fittings.



Key products include: the highway rated (DOT) HC10 Hose caddy, high-volume pump stations, high-volume polyurethane hose(8", 10", 12" in diameter), power units and fittings.

Friction Loss Calculator

Friction Loss Calculator


Cadman’s Friction Loss Calculator calculates the amount of friction or pressure lost through any standard irrigation system setup.

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Download the Friction Loss Calculator for Android Devices


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